White House Correspondents Dinner 2013 Update

White House Correspondents Dinner 2013

Barack Obama has radical plans for his second term as president: he takes the same hairstyle as his wife Michelle. That the president said during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner last night.

Whether the note should be taken seriously, is doubtful. Strong At the White House Correspondents Dinner, U.S. President can be traditional in his funniest side.

So the president that he had been in a lot of gray hair in recent years, said:” When I look in the mirror, I must admit that I am no longer the young Muslim socialist who I once was. “

Rather library in the U.S.

Former President George Bush recently opened its own library (video) . Even Obama, who often are falsely

accused him outside of the United States would be born , would have its own library, “I am busy with plans for an Obama library, some suggest that in my hometown I would have that library build, but I’d rather build it in the United States. “

The president also looked ahead to the presidential elections in 2016. The potential Republican candidate Marco Rubio would not be really suitable for the office because he had not even finished. a full term in the Senate Ironic because that Obama himself had not done when he became president in 2008.

CNN on the heel

In a room full of journalists, the media could not remain unaffected. Especially CNN, which recently reported that one of the suspects in the attacks in Boston was arrested while that was not the case, was there from past: “I know that CNN has lately received some blows, but I admire their efforts. to beat all sides of the story just in case one of them turns out to be wrong. “

Obama closed his speech funny off seriously. He talked about the dramatic events in Boston and Texas and he praised all Americans who serve the public interest.

The dinner was attended by hundreds of politicians, journalists and celebrities. So have included actor Kevin Spacey, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the Korean singer Psy present. The American talk show host Conan O’Brien presented the evening.


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