UN: U.S. Drone attacks in Pakistan are illegal

drone attacks US-Drone-attacks-on-Pakistan

The U.S. attacks by unmanned aircraft (drones) in Pakistan are contrary to international law. They violate the sovereignty of the South Asian country because neither government nor parliament has approved the foreign military action on Pakistani territory.

drone attacks

This allows the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and terrorism, Ben Emmerson, in a statement issued Friday. According to recent research by the U.S. drone attacks in recent years thousands  of people dead, including hundreds of civilians. The people in the border area with Afghanistan live in permanent fear the American assassins. According to the secret service CIA attacks are needed to combat terror group AL-Qaeda and the Taliban.

A federal judge in the U.S. on Friday agreed to a request from civil rights group ACLU to proceedings against the CIA to disclose documents concerning the alleged legal basis for the attacks.

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