“Superman vs.. Batman “: Ben Affleck in the role of Batman

The announcement, made ​​at Comic Con in San Diego in late July 2013 had caused public hysteria. Man of Steel will be a sequel, in which Superman will face the Dark Knight of Gotham City, also made ​​by Zack Snyder .

On the night of Thursday 22 to Friday, August 23, Warner announced that it is the actor Ben Affleck who enfilerait black superhero costume.

The man who has just won the Oscar for Best Picture for Argo is far from unanimous among fans … On Twitter, via hasthag (keyword) # Batfleck, fans expressed their dismay:

( “Somewhere, George Clooney is laughing, and sighs of relief will not be actually the worst Batman story.” – referring to the role endorsed by Nespresso actor in the film Batman & Robin by Joel Schumacher , produced in 1997).

( “I had planned to sleep, but I’m afraid of waking up with another horrible info on Man of Steel 2 . But what can be worse than # Batfleck? ” )

Others already imagine another announcement that they would be equally unbearable Matt Damon chose to embody Robin …

Fans have two years to recover: Superman vs. Batman should go into production in 2015.


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