Rik De Saedeleer Former Footballer and Commentator deceased

The legendary former football commentator Rik De Saedeleer at the age of 89 deceased. The Saedeleer, himself an ex-footballer who throughout his career for RC Mechelen played, became world famous with statements like ‘em There’s, there’s em! “ and “Bye mom!” which he during the heyday of the Red Devils enthusiastically shouted through the microphone. In 2008 he was awarded for his entire television career.

Rik De Saedeleer

Former football commentator Rik De Saedeleer died Sunday already, but it was not until this afternoon that Carl Huybrechts news on behalf of the family announced. The funeral has already taken place in very intimate circle. Huybrechts could not say whether the funeral was Monday or Tuesday. “The past year and a half was Rik regularly in the hospital,” it reads. “The age has taken its toll.”

Rik De Saedeleer deceased

Huybrechts, the memoirs of the Saedeleer noted down in a book that appeared in October 2011, added, adding that the family of the Saedeleer hesitate to ask to be left. The former football reporter, after the World Cup of 1998 retired, leaves a widow and two daughters.

The Saedeleer after his active football career, in which he played an international match, columnist for The Latest News. Then he joined the NIR, the forerunner of the BRT, as football commentator, a job he held for 40 years with passion would exercise. Many are the games where the Saedeleer with unforgettable cheers Belgian households berserk spent: Belgium – Argentina at the World Cup ’82 (Goooaaaal!), the barrage game Netherlands – Belgium for the World Cup ’86 (There is em! There’s em ! I do not even know who it is, but we are already on our way to Mexico!) … It made the Malinois also immensely popular with our northern neighbors. Or as the NIS after his death aptly illustrates: “The expertise of Rik De Saedeleer was accompanied by a good dose of understated humor.”

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