Review: Kim Kardashian | Pregnancy or Fashion ?

Kim Kardashian dress

Pregnancy is surely one of the most special moments in your life. And with your chubby baby belly, do you want of course a hot mama when walking. But when pregnant Kim Kardashian grabs that are not always good …

we have to hand it to her, even though she is pregnant, Kim Kardashian tries everything to do so fashionable possible to walk. Only it’s not so easy for Kim. Because so far, her clothing choice – to put it mildly – not really appreciated. Metamorphosis They all underwent a true transformation when she met her boyfriend Kanye West. From sleek she changed her wardrobe to black and white . And now they  mama is, there is nothing else to do but again her choice of clothing to suit. course you with your swollen ankles and your hunger for everything nailed down not feel you also have to worry about your outfit.Especially when all the lights are on you. But where many pregnant woman chooses a comfortable jogging pants, Kim goes mad on her striking outfits. Too tight, too revealing and …. much! Watch and judge for yourself.

Kim is on all sides by her surroundings warned. Not only to her questionable choice of clothing, but also because of its exercise behavior. The urge to be complete to thighs during pregnancy increases with Kim prevails. They sport at even so much that she fainted during a flight. The doctor advised complete rest, but whether they are going to do? Show Stopper We are very happy for Kim that her first baby is expected, but on clothing field, there is still something to win for the reality star. Hip and hot the pregnancy? With these tips are!

  • Wear layers that creates length and makes it less obvious that you’re a little wider.
  • Accenture your waist by such a cute, short denim jacket on a dress to wear. 
  • Wrap yourself not too complicated clothing. Literally. You need to be comfortable and move your baby space. 
  • Just as fashionable is a beautiful statement necklace or a nice scarf. Fleur your whole outfit on!
  • Your belly may obviously be seen. So a tight top answer. But there is a difference between tight and too small.
  • A belt around your waist is super cute with a wide maxi dress.
  • Buy clothes that you normally also would buy, just choose a size or two larger. So neighborhood you not your personal style, and you can also entertain clothing so it fits again after your pregnancy!

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