Possible suspect to see Boston attack on video

boston-blast suspect

The FBI has some interesting video got owned. A witness with his camera captured a man running away shortly after the blast.

The images, broadcast by the local station 7news , is to see a man in a black, combat-like outfit puts on a walk, while other bystanders at that time recovered from the shock.

Or the man surveyed Saudi student , is not known.



Known is that the bombs recently near the finish line in Boston explosion must have been deposited. Security had the area for the race twice screened for explosives.

Boston Blast bomb

The FBI calls on witnesses. “Someone knows who did this,” said Richard DesLauriers, special agent of the FBI  in Boston. “It’s someone’s friend, neighbor, colleague or family member. Everyone who learn of or suspect, are kindly requested to call, “the police said the policeman.


The FBI announced that the bombs were in pressure cookers of six liters containing ball bearings, metal pieces and nails. Presumably the pans were in large rucksacks. Police say the backpacks presumably so large and heavy that they should be. Noticed

The FBI has still no one arrested in connection with the attack. The Saudiër in many media is called, a witness and not a suspect .

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