Pistorius prosecutors to pursue premeditated murder charge


Oscar Pistorius has his girlfriend four times through the door of the bathroom shot. That report South African media. The sixfold Para Olympic champion in the court of Pretoria officially accused of intentional murder photo model Reeva Steenkamp. Upon arrival, he kept his head covered with a jacket. Pistorius When the indictment was told, he burst into tears. He covered his face and stared at the ground constantly. In his house was a 9-millimeter pistol found, but the qualification ‘murder’ he denies in all keys.

Oscar Pistorius covering face at police station

“Pistorius denies that there has been foul play,” it sounds in a statement through his manager was brought out. Furthermore, much attention is paid to the relatives of Steenkamp. “Our thoughts have today especially in the relatives and friends of Reeva Steenkamp. That’s the most important thing.” Pistorius continues at least until Wednesday stuck on a police station in Pretoria.The treatment of the application for bail to be released today was postponed. 

The athlete, who in the crowded court was assisted by his father, brother and sister, will probably ask for Tuesday released on bail to be. The police had already knowing itself to oppose that scenario. Screams Under “View”, the newspaper that first with the news came out, the police received two hours before the drama even a call: neighbors had heard screams.There was also elaborates on the personality of the athlete. “To hear that Pistorius accused of murder is as implausible as Archbishop Desmond Tutu who would be caught in the act of theft”, it sounds in ‘The Times’. “Men admired him, women adored him. Handicapped children were inspired by him.

He was a wonderful example of someone who got the best out of themselves.” “He suffered from paranoia” There were also some serious brutal hostility. ‘Blade Runner’ got it because of his stubborn character not only often to stick with its numerous (blond) girlfriends, he also suffered from paranoia and was an avid wapenfan. So he learned a journalist from the New York Times even how he had to shoot. A reporter from the Daily Mail wondered again about cricket and baseball bats who stood behind the door, the gun in his bed and the machine gun next to the window. 

Pistorius himself lived almost in a fortress. ‘View’ dug even an incident from 2009 upwards, where a friend of a pedestrian Pistorius would have killed. The press was not, however, take pictures of the accident “because I Oscar Pistorius am”.“traumatizing” “Pistorius was a guarantee for positive stories. And he looked good, that explains of course why he was so popular,” adds the Daily maverick on. “He has South Africa put on the map and all of us proud. That this ideal picture is now giving way to a deadly tragedy of violence is traumatizing.”Steenkamp was day before yesterday wrapping paper buy the Valentine gift for her lover to pack.“My friend really likes Valentine”, she would have said to the clerk.“Day of love for everybody” The ‘Blade Runner’ became world famous as the first disabled athlete who competed in the Olympics.

 In London he took on the 400 meter semifinals. In addition, he won six gold medals at the Para Olympics. The 30-year Steenkamp was also known in South Africa. The graduated lawyer was a popular fashion model and frequently on television. She graced the cover of last year, the men’s magazine FHM. The day before her death she still twittered that they were very pleased on Valentine’s Day. “It would be a day of love for everyone to be.” On her body is still an autopsy performed.The police will solve nothing about the results.

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