Obama supports NBA player Jason Collins after coming out


The American basketball player Jason Collins on Monday announced that it falls on men. The 34-year-old center, who this season played for the NBA Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards, is the first athlete still active in one of the major American team sports that comes out of the closet. President Obama has expressed his support directly.

Obama called Collins. He praised the player for his courage, as NBC reported last night. Collins made ​​his confession Monday in an interview with Sports Illustrated. He states in the magazine that it was not his intention to be the first. “But since I can do now, I’ll be happy about the discussion going,” said the club is currently empty basketball. During his career Collins has played for six clubs.

 He even took in 2003 with the New Jersey Nets the finals of the playoffs. The 2.13 meter long player says it has to stay in the NBA. Actively intent Earlier this year, the U.S. football international Robbie Rogers known ‘gay’ to be. Unlike Collins he ended his sports career or directly. Former President Bill Clinton, whose daughter Chelsea was with Collins in the classroom, praises the basketball for his courage. 

“This is an important moment, not only for the professional sport but also for the gay rights movement, ‘said Clinton in a statement. “I hope that everyone, especially Jason’s colleagues in the NBA, the media and many fans support him and grant him the respect he deserves.” Even David Stern, the chief executive of the NBA, is full of praise for the coming-out Collins. “Jason has always been a respected player. We are proud that he has taken in this important matter. “The lead in several basketball players expressed their understanding, one more enthusiastic than others.

 Thus spake Steve Nash of the LA Lakers on Twitter of ‘maximum respect’, while Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder indicated happy for Collins to be. “If he is happy, I am too. He comes across as a good guy. He has my support. ” The basketball itself was shocked by the reactions that are triggered publication, but was also very happy. “It’s incredible. You’re just trying to live an honest and upright life and then calling the president suddenly. He said he was proud of me and that my coming out not only helped me, but also others. I’ve never been so happy in my life, “says a delighted Collins.

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