Michelle Obama must leave home of British Prime Minister

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The British Prime Minister David Cameron urges Barack Obama to his wife Michelle leave at home when he travels to the United Kingdom for the G8 in June.


The Prime Minister David Cameron wants no wives on the G8 to ensure that world leaders continue to focus on issues such as tax evasion. He switched this are diplomats to subtly wrists or powerful men in the world want to let their partners at home for one of the major world summits.


The British First Lady Samantha Cameron will break the tradition and no activities for the women of the world leaders at the G8. If the map of the Cameron succeeds, then Michelle Obama and the wife of the French president Hollande Valérie Trierweiler not accompany their husbands to the United Kingdom in June. But if the world leaders there anyway to allow their partners to carry, it can do little David. In that case, Samantha modest lunch organization.

The spokesman of the British Prime Minister explains: “Cameron wants the summit is a small and intimate and structured meeting that revolves around tax, trade and transparency.” The role of women world leaders in recent years, becoming very extensive. In 2011 organized the pregnant Carla Bruni eg Women on addressing global illiteracy during the G8 summit in France.

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