Harvard University student wanted to avoid exam with false bomb threat

The old student who was doing a fake bomb threat at the U.S. Harvard University, did that to avoid recent examinations. The young man hangs a prison sentence of five years and a fine of 250,000 euros over the head.

Student Eldo Kim says he acted alone when he sent an email in which he reported that a bomb would be there in Several Harvard buildings.

This action of Eldo Kim a huge amount of time of several FBI agents, Police Officers and other emergency services workers.  He sent the conscious email to Harvard police officers, university and college newspaper.


The e-mail was sent started half an hour before the exam said Kim. The student wrote in the message that there had to act to prevent the bombs that would go off quickly.

Whole buildings of the prestigious university in Massachusetts were evacuated this monday . One of the buildings is a dormitory for students. In the course of the evening it appeared that there were No explosives found. 


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