GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer: Rockstar Reveals First Stunning In-Game Images



A new trailer for GTA 5 shows for the first time what it’s like to play the game. The new GTA has three main characters, you can see how they work together.

While playing GTA 5 allows gamers of character change. That’s in the trailer also be seen during a bank robbery. While a character within a building which keeps people at gunpoint, can be switched with an accomplice who provides further coverage.  This can be selected for different approaches, resulting in a possible different outcome

Outside missions can switch between the characters. To Who go their own way when players do not control the characters, making it always surprising what the characters do in their own time.



Besides playing the main missions characters can also tune cars, buy clothes, golf, tennis, cycling, scuba diving and base jumping even hunt wild animals.

With money that players earn robberies and thefts can besides cars also include shares and property purchased.



At the end of the trailer is still plagued recently with some images from the highly anticipated multiplayer mode of GTA 5. A character overlooks fiectieve city of Los Santos, which numerous online against other players and play with each other. 

Online players can apparently still using vehicles as combat aircraft.Developer Rockstar says later to worry about the multiplayer mode known. 

The new game comes out on September 17 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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