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New Video is on the world of web which is about the possibilities with the controversial Google goggles.The company last year spread images of the glasses, but the precise functions of the gadget remained quiet until now.

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Demonstration opportunities Google Glass – Videos – Tweakers

But images from Google shows that the data Google goggles will be served at least with the voice. It is also possible to record video or information from the Internet, such as weather and route, display. The futuristic device will also be able to translate sentences.

Meanwhile, Google is looking for creative individuals who want to test the gadget. Interested parties can tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #ifihadglass to tell how they would use the glasses. The person with the best proposals may try the gadget.


Google recently held two hackatons where developers developed the first applications for the glasses could think and create. That would have yielded eighty different applications.

Google Wednesday posted a new video about “how it feels to use Glass’. It can be seen that it’s with voice commands. With Google Glass you can take photos and can make videos instantly . Navigation words on your commands . Sharing your photos can never be easier than this and Yes Google Made this Real for you . Everything which you do you can memorize it by Glass . Video Calling is also there with Google Plus which is another big + :-). Google Glass is still under testing which is probably gonna release in 2014 for Consumers . 


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