Fran Drescher: marriage and child at age 56?


“What luck for the children in the house, the new nanny brought her stand out” it sounded before each shipment. Anyone who does not like to remember the lively Fran Fine in the series “The Nanny” Fran Drescher (56) was then the successful appointment and brought not only the children in the series “stand out”, but also themselves , but that’s why the artist was never really well to get their own children.

‘s success continues to this day, Fran Drescher dances now on Broadway . Yet privately shines the life of 56-year-olds now across the board. Recently, it is with a 10 year younger together inventors. In an interview with the American Closer she revealed: “We’ve been together for only three months, but I have nothing against getting married I think mainly that it’s nice to have children..” it was indeed for their relationship a bit early but Fran and her lover do have already spoken about the issue of adoption: “We must decide whether we are too old for it, or whether we feel it or after it, to do it,” she explained. Via Twitter posts the pretty brunette diligently photos of herself and her boyfriend. In one, she wrote very romantic “in love in Italy” . Both seem really in love up on both ears. The actress has probably caught so hot that she can not imagine the complete program with the scientist. You know each other very well with the fresh lovers from?

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