Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Killed at Shooting Range; Suspect Arrested

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A man is under arrest in relationship with the killing of two men at an Erath County, Texas, gun range, cops said.

One of the sufferers is previous Navy SEAL as well as “United states Sniper” writer Chris Kyle.

“We have lost more than we can replace. Chris was a patriot, an excellent dad, and a real supporter of his nation and its ideals. This is a disaster for all of us. I deliver my inner prayers and feelings to his wife and two children,” “American Sniper” co-author Scott McEwen mentioned in a statement to news TV.


News reported that Kyle and a next door neighbor of his were shot when helping a soldier who is recovering from post traumatic tension syndrome at a gun range in Glen Rose.

The suspicious man, recognized as Eddie Routh, 25, was caught in Lancaster, Texas, after a short police chase, a Lancaster Police Department dispatcher told news TV.

Routh was driving Kyle’s truck at the time of his police arrest and was held waiting for transfer to Texas Rangers, according to police.

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