Flashing Real Madrid provides crisis in Barcelona: 1-3


Crisis at FC Barcelona, it may actually have. After the “Blaugrana” last week went sore bottom in the Champions League with AC Milan (2-0) got the Catalans now in house a beating from arch enemy Real Madrid: 1-3. Adios final Copa del Rey, Messi and co. Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo hit over twice flashy far through conversion. Whether the counter to art form. Varane made ​​even 0-3, then a goaltje in the final phase of Alba a plaster on an open wound. Mourinho left before the final whistle triumphantly.


After the precarious position in the first leg of the semifinals (1-1), seemed a sad end season in preparation for Real, but with a final of the Copa del Rey against the winner of Sevilla – Atlético Madrid beckons then still a highlight . The very last for Mourinho in the Spanish capital? It seems, after all the stories about discord in the dressing room and the call for PSG increasingly louder. And just as ‘The Special One’ finally seems to have found the key to Barça to challenge.


Or it could be that real soon also at Old Trafford may stunts in the CL. Who knows, ‘Los Blancos’ look this season away from the Bernabeu own a lot more dangerous for the day to come. If the team can fly fast switching. Not that Mourinho as far back as Milan dropped last week, but the counters were equally sharp. After a solid start however Barcelona directly with danger through Messi (just ahead along), was a wandering Cristiano made ​​off. Fluks past Pique that the emergency brake was hanging. The penalty was converted by ‘CR7′ itself. And after the break, just when the accelerator induwde Barcelona and was also dangerous through Di Maria. Equally Fluks past Puyol and Pinto, but the rebound was bacon for the Portuguese Cristiano mouth. 0-2 and take the cup played.


And it was even worse for Barcelona when Varane a corner all alone was going for it. The young French defender excelled even in the first leg. 0-3, Barcelona saw them undoubtedly asterisks. The title in the Primera Division may well as well as within, as Barça after it missed Cup final on 12 March can not explode against AC Milan will call for change at Camp Nou increasingly louder. The end of a generation seems (too) premature, but the tactical system without striker is becoming obsolete-sure who David Villa in the bank sit-and a rookie as Jordi Roura the sidelines is more of a club unworthy. As if the players their management as clearly wanted to make, it seemed sometimes. Striking indeed how some stars again absent gifts, not least Lionel Messi. Al has also ‘Flea’ ever entitled to a lesser period of course.


A side note is: a nevertheless outstanding leadership ref Undiano, even before the match was not the friend of everything Barça, had really Penalty can whistle for a foul on Xabi Alonso Pedro with a 0-1 position. But with ‘What If’ you only as a television format a long way.


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