FIFA wants to fight match-fixing charges


The World Football FIFA wants to fight match-fixing charges and hereby stricter laws to the football mafia, which forms the basis of numerous scandals, combat. That made FIFA security director Ralf Mutschke today in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur known.


FIFA advocates a zero tolerance policy, backed by stringent laws. This explained Mutschke at an open meeting with Interpol in Kuala Lumpur, headquarters of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), two weeks after it was announced that over 700 football matches were forged. Europol revealed that in Europe 380 matches were falsified, the work of a criminal network led from Singapore.


“We put footballers and referees life sentences, but criminals remain at large, without trial. That must change,” referring Mutschke to the refusal by the Singapore government to a prime suspect for match-fixing, which in Italy is sought, to hold.

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