Festivus Easter Egg van Google, A Festivus Miracle


Festivus Easter Egg van Google, A Festivus Miracle

Google has a new and this time simple Easter Egg hidden in the search engine that works in the Dutch version of the search engine. Once you search “Festivus” will perform there will be a pole on the left next to the search results. Festivus is a secular holiday and the holiday might ring a bell for big fans of the U.S. series Seinfeld.


Festivus is a day for people who want to oppose the commercialization of holidays and this day was originally conceived by writer Dan O’Keefe.

Dan O’Keefe quarter with his family this day since 1966, it was finally the son of O’Keefe, screenwriter Daniel who later introduced the feast in an episode of Seinfeld what day worldwide popularity. In the series in 1997 to see how Frank Costanza in 1997, this holiday was to celebrate and then he took an aluminum pole as ‘Christmas Tree’ in the house. This post was coined by the series.


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