Dwight Howard forgets Lakers eyeing rebirth with Rockets

Dwight Howard

In the NBA, the transfer of the year a fact: LA Lakers center Dwight Howard goes to Houston. This makes the Rockets a potential title contender. Los Angeles is no longer possible.

In Houston Howard will play alongside of guard James Harden, who has developed this season into an absolute superstar. Howard (27, 2m11) he has an ailing LA season behind, but was on average 12.4 per game back deflector still the best rebounder in the NBA and also signed for 2.4 block shots and 17.1 points per game.

 If Howard, will address a former Defensive Player of the Year, the form of the past again, then Houston basically compete for the title. Reportedly, Howard the club board charged in order to save a third star on the hook and so, include the example of reigning champion Miami, a ‘Big Three’ to form. Houston would therefore also try to forward Josh Smith on the hook store. Who is out of contract with the Atlanta Hawks. 

Period Bryant past Howard’s departure is a blow to LA. That was the great resources out of the closet to keep up to twenty square meter posters with his picture and the simple message ‘Stay’ (‘Stay’) him. For the Lakers is an era to an end: that of the almost 35-year-old superstar and quintuple champion Kobe Bryant. That was just before the playoffs on a torn Achilles tendon. The Lakers, who had only the narrowly won qualified, went there in the first round. 

question is whether Bryant, who has been playing since the age of eighteen in the NBA and so lots of mileage has listed his old level will survive after this injury. To be able to dream of a sixth and seventh title he did little help. For this man was counted on power Howard.

 Condescending Bryant Oddly enough it was reportedly just Bryant Howard himself who finally drove out the door. The latter was according to anonymous sources anyway not keen to sign to play. Gradually with the age-old Bryant a contract for four or five years Since LA was in 2010 Last champion, went little by little backwards with the Lakers. 

During an ultimate meeting Bryant imagined according to the American sports press just to bow down in front of Howard, who would love a time NBA champion will be. “You need to learn how that goes,” would have said Bryant. “I can teach you that here.” That did not go down well with Howard.

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