Do not forget, do not forgive In the U.S. pulled in tow a broken Cruiser



Do not forget, do not forgive In the U.S. pulled in tow a broken Cruiser

Passengers of the cruise ship “Carnival Triumph” had to spend a week at sea instead of the planned three days. Due to a fire in the ship, not only broken engines, but has failed sewage system and water supply. It is this fact made the cruise to the Gulf of Mexico is an unforgettable experience.

“Carnival Triumph» (Carnival Triumph) was launched in 1999, so the ship is relatively new and safer. The fleet of Carnival Cruise Lines, he went under the Bahamas flag, pleasing short sea cruises mostly American tourists, extending to a bright exotic Greater and Lesser Antilles.

Until February 11, on the liner life went on as usual. Comfort and enjoyment for 3100 passengers provide 1,100 staff and team. Tourists can have 13 decks with themed restaurants, swimming pools, movie theaters, spas and other places of entertainment. All this floating resort fueled electricity powerful diesel generators, which also served as a source of energy for the engines of the ship.

It is with a problem in one of these generators, apparently, connected all the misadventures of tourists who went in the morning of February 7 Texas port of Galveston enjoy the fresh sea breeze. At the beginning of the third day of the cruise, the ship had gone in the opposite direction, in the engine room on fire. What exactly has caused it to be seen to specialists, but due to the liner was completely de-energized. The vessel stopped working everything from the main engines to air conditioners.

Tourists may have an adventure at first it might even be amusing. During a fire, no one was hurt, and the faint smell of smoke added to the blood languid idleness passengers a bit ofadrenaline. However, subsequent events do not fit into the popular idea of ​​a cruise on the Caribbean.

Despite the abundance of water around, she disappeared from the taps pumps, and all the other devices that operate on electricity, ceased to function. Take a shower or wash in these conditions was a big problem. A 30-degree heat without air conditioning personal hygiene is necessary.Besides thawed refrigerator with food that has started to spoil, go out and publish a characteristic odor.

Worse still, the question arose as to what to feed more than four thousand people. The organizers of the cruise is not planned that he will be delayed for a week. Some tourists are subsequently told that near the end of travel is even a fight over a relatively fresh products, and the most cunning vengeance passengers traded drugs for diarrhea and stomach upset.

Worst of all it was necessary to those whose cabins were located on the lower deck near the stern of the ship. Due to a fire in a nearby computer room, just in case they move further out on the upper deck. However, the top free places was not, so fire victims were forced to spend the day and night on the deck under the stars. Blankets and pillows was not enough, which also became a reason for appearing here and there conflicts. Additional inconveniences inflicted pitching. Since the stabilization system, of course, are out of order, many residents of the vessel suffered from seasickness.

But the most unpleasant waiting for vacationers to come. Super modern and ecologically sound sewer system “Carnival Triumph” also runs on electricity. If a person without a soul even with some discomfort, but can live, without a normal toilet in a confined space is already problematic. First, people go to the toilet as usual, but soon stopped wastes fit in the toilets. Broken sewer could not stand the pressure, and by ship spilled fetid smell. Later, the passengers began to defecate where necessary: ​​overboard, in plastic bags, but the “Carnival Triumph” and continued to drift, wrapped thick stench.

Many of the passengers said that in this situation, a very worthy behaved members of the crew. They were virtually non-stop busy cleaning the premises, trying to create at least some conditions for hygiene. But radically change the situation they have not succeeded.

Frustrated, angry and very unhappy with the cruise participants rushed to call relatives and leadership cruise operator. It was quite a rash decision. Soon, mobile phones run out almost the entire ship, and charge them, of course, was nowhere. Tourists have found another way to tell the world about their plight. They posted on the sides of the sheets stitched banners describing what is happening, who immediately got in the news because of helicopters circling around the drifting ship.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government and the owners of the vessel tried to somehow rectify the situation. All the same was transferred by helicopter to the ship several tons of cargo, mainly food, water, and minigeneratory, with the appearance that the team has the opportunity to cook a hot meal, and partly to revive some of the control vessel.

The rescue operation, however, was not the best way. Tugs sent to help, were not powerful enough, and the cables that they pulled the liner, constantly breaks. As a result, the liner brought to America for four days. In defense of rescue can be said that they strongly hindered head wind and choppy sea. However, passengers and relatives waiting for them on the shore, to impress it was hard, at the end of the sixth day of travel, and of those, and others are full of anger. Their vehement condemnation of the organizers of the cruise and the authorities willingly allowed to air U.S. TV broadcasters and print journalist.

Managed to bring the ship to the shore only on the night of February 15. True, it is not anchored in Galveston, Texas, and Alabama Port Mobile, which has led to some sufferers by going ashore to perform the song Sweet Home Alabama . Despite the tribulations experienced, people were in high spirits, and some even kissed the ground, once on land.

Celebrate the completion of their cruise, many passengers are going to get even with him in full by the organizers. Apparently, the company will face with the shaft of lawsuits by-suffering travelers and their families. Sarnival Cruise Lines has canceled dozens of scheduled flights “Carnival Triumph”. The company also acknowledged that the ship has a few weeks before the ill-fated flight were recorded all kinds of equipment malfunction.

Leaders cruise operator has promised to give each passenger a $ 500 cash, fully offset the cost of tickets and even one free ride on another ship. How many people are satisfied with this payment, hard to say. To understand their feelings, we must sit out four hottest days on rotten food with no shower and toilet.

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