BlackBerry collapses after launch Z10 in USA

Blackberry Z10

The BlackBerry Z 10 does not seem to do well in the United States. The smartphone ended last Friday in stores, but does not like hot cakes. Goldman Sachs saw themselves forced to the valuation of BlackBerry decrease to neutral , the share quite made ​​bags.

‘s share of BlackBerry was in 2013, just a solid strides because BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 was well received, but there seems suddenly an end to arrive. At the time of writing is the share of 4.5 percent in the negative by the bad news from the United States. That the BlackBerry Z10 does not sell well, seems to be a bad marketing around the device, so think Simona Jankowsky of Goldman Sachs . Shops were less than 10 units daily sales and that was reason enough to BlackBerry lower value.BlackBerry has not yet announced sales but gave earlier is that the smartphone in other markets doing better than expected. End of this month, the first figures published.

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