Bieber celebrates 19th anniversary with bunch of beauties


Justin Bieber has his nineteenth birthday with a bunch of fair maidens celebrated. Also Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke-presumptive-girlfriend was back in action.

Despite the freezing cold in London walked into the Canadian teen idol hot torso toward his room. That he looked a little ridiculous with that sagging pants could not hurt him clearly.

After a brief freshening Bieber was ready for the night’s entertainment in the nightclub, including sunglasses and baseball cap. Two hours later he moved with his company to a Lebanese restaurant serving kebabs on the menu. Around 6 AM the celebrity had enough and he returned to his hotel.


Tonight, the fun does not stop with a real circus party. “He has won the prestigious Cirque du Soir hired for him and twenty friends. Clowns, fire-eaters, acrobats air, … They are all ready for him. It is no coincidence that just now a break in his schedule is” know a source in the ‘Daily Mirror’. For his eighteenth birthday, Bieber by his manager a sports car worth 75,000 euros.


Ella-girlfriend Paige was first noticed by his side after the BRIT Awards. They show a 17-year-old singer from Norfolk who absolutely want to make. “She always wanted to be famous,” says a source. “The funny thing is that only now all the doors will open for her, while in the past it has worked hard.”

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