‘Barcelona focuses on Granada, not in Milan “

BarcelonaThe focus of FC Barcelona this weekend is one hundred percent on the match against Granada , while the team of coach Tito Vilanova Wednesday against AC Milan stands.

“The most important game for now is Saturday. Then we have the focus, for obtaining the title in La Liga is our basic goal, “said assistant coach Jordi Roura at the press conference.

FC Barcelona

“If we get a good result, which is a big step forward. We are now in a comfortable position, but that should not be an excuse to slow down do,” continues the right of Vilanova. “The game against Milan was only on Wednesday, so there is enough time to restore your.”


Still looks Roura the matches of the next period rosy. “For both the Wednesday and on Saturday against the play, has two sides. You can say that it is good, because you keep on fighting, but a week off can also come in handy. We are now in a nice part of the season . In a few days there is much at stake, we must physically and mentally in order. “

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