King Richard III, Back from the grave

King Richard III Skeleton

King Richard III went down in history as an unscrupulous tyrant – thanks to Shakespeare. He was the last British monarch who was killed on the battlefield. The place of his final resting place was long a mystery. But guess what? The king of England (between 1483 and 1485) was all that time buried under the asphalt of a parking lot in the English Leicester.

It buzzed around for a while, but now researchers at the University of Leicester for sure: it’s Richard III who under the asphalt. Earlier today they lightened their find to a press conference.


The skeleton is that of a mature man with a slim, feminine construction, which corresponds to descriptions of Richard. The age of the owner of the bones, someone between end 20 and end 30 is consistent with that of Richard. The injuries also agree with what has been narrated about Richard’s death.

DNA analysis using DNA from now living descendants of the long family line of the Plantagenet ended then every doubt. There is agreement between the DNA of the 21st century descendants and Richard III.

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