Apple is ready for Black Friday

Apple is ready for Black Friday


Friday, November 26 is Black Friday again. A phenomenon that we in the Netherlands do not know, but in the U.S. a day where most Americans look forward to.

Black Friday literally means black Friday and the day after Thanksgiving Day . Most employees have that day free (with the exception of personnel in retail, healthcare and banking), and therefore many people go shopping. It is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In order to attract people to the stores, many stores advertise with special offers. Apple has played to this day with some ‘ spectacular ‘discounts. Usually, the latter is not so bad, but for anyone who is planning an iPad, iTouch or Macbook to buy, you can click on that day just get extra discount. Last year it was in the Netherlands literally slack bite with discounts from 1 cent and less marketable lots of free apps. Let us hope that this year they have reformed their lives and also the Dutch market pampered with real discounts. In 3 days we know.

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